Belong Mr. Nguyen Chau Long – Director of Thien Kim An Company: the project to set up the first factory specializing in the production of bioplastics, biodegradable plastic bags, with the main components of PLA, PBAT, and wheat starch; will be deployed in industrial parks in Long An province or Binh Duong or Tay Ninh (Vietnam), with a capacity of 10,000 tons / year.

This project is aimed at transferring modern technology, helps Vietnam produce environmentally friendly products through a domestic closed process. In addition, the plant will contribute to overcoming the need to import raw materials from abroad in a few Vietnamese companies that produce compost products. According to the plan, after the completion of the procedures for investment this year and the company has the international certification as well as domestic bio-plastic resins will conduct plant construction and went into production in 2020-2021

This will be the first biodegradable plastic factory in Vietnam, as well as a model factory for the next high-tech factories invested by enterprises of the HCMC Plastic Association.

As planned, there will be a total of 01 factory, including workshops:



Mr. Nguyen Chau Long said: according to the transferred technology, bio-plastic pellets are the result of the combination of PLA, PBAT, tapioca flour and additives. From 6 months to two years, the packaging made from bio-plastic will completely decompose automatically and do not harm the environment.

Main material: Wheat starch, PLA particles, PBAT particles

Systems of machinery for the production of biodegradable plastic particles are imported from advanced countries in the world. Currently, the company has operated and successfully created bio-based, 100% biodegradable bio-packaging products.

Biological plastic beads                                                                             The cycle of bio-plastics

Project objectives: By 2021, the Company can partially meet the needs of importing biological packaging of markets: EU, US, Japan, South Korea, as well as provide bio-resins to other markets. domestic plastic packaging factory. In parallel with serving for export, the company will implement the policy of the Prime Minister of Vietnam, reduce plastic waste once, and by 2025 consumers will completely use bio-plastic products. replace conventional plastic products.


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